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Dominic Marsh


Author: Dominic Marsh

Date: 29th July 2020


Hello, my name is Dominic Marsh. I have started my journey at The Bunker as their day-shift engineer after completing my degree at Canterbury Christ Church University. I studied Computer Forensics and Cybersecurity and felt that the chance to work in ‘the most secure data centre in the UK’ would be an excellent opportunity to develop my skills.

Over the past twelve weeks I have been able to apply a lot of theory into practice, while additionally being able to gain more knowledge within the IT sector. One of the main skills that I have been able to transfer over from my degree is understanding how a lot of the equipment functions and the technical jargon used within day to day life at The Bunker. As well as this, due to my technical background I have been able to competently understand the functions of other departments like the Microsoft and Open Source teams.

Being part of the support team creates a large sense of responsibility as we are frequently the first point of contact for our customers. The support team works closely with all departments at The Bunker to ensure our clients receive the service they require quickly and efficiently. Therefore, a large part of the job can also include processing tickets and ensuring other departments receive the correct information to carry out any required maintenance.

After working on the support team for three months I have understood how diverse the job role can really be. One minute I could be changing a faulty hard drive within a server, to the next, configuring IDRAC’s and troubleshooting SFP’s or taking a delivery of a full rack of equipment to be installed that day. It’s not all technical though, we still have to take the trash out!

Working in a former nuclear bunker as a day shift engineer has its ups and downs (literally, there are many stairs) and can be challenging at times; especially running complex cabling required by customers. However, this is one of the reasons I love my job. Knowing that everyday something different can present itself always keeps the role exciting and feels like a new adventure everyday.

The benefits are great and are super flexible too… we have access to all sorts from private medical insurance and healthcare cashback to 25 days holiday and your birthday day off. We also get access to 2U’s of rack space in our secure data centres which you can use to store information or build sandboxes for any projects you might be running etc… it’s nice to know you could possibly enjoy the most secure photo library in the UK!

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