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The sustained growth of modern networks has done fantastic things; people and systems can connect, while new business opportunities are forever arising. However, as networks expand, so too do the opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate them.

As networks grow, the potential attack surface for malicious individuals to compromise assets also grows. As a result, successful businesses need to invest in the penetration testing of their networks to always be one step ahead of cybercrime. 


How Cyber Criminals Get You

Just like the majority of everyday burglars, the majority of cyber criminals aren’t that sophisticated. Usually, this is because they don’t need to be. Criminals can get surprisingly far with a set of easy, simple, and largely unskilled methods – at least against unprepared organisations.

While the range of possible cyberattacks is very broad – a significant number of the attacks are the digital equivalent of a burglar trying your front door to see if it’s locked. The CE/CE+ guidance & certification is designed to prevent these basic attacks.

There are two levels of certification.

How Does Cyberfort Help? 

Our gap analysis goes through everything necessary to review your current position against that required for compliance with Cyber Essentials Plus. We take into account your risk appetite & exposure to ensure that the context and scope for remediations are fit for purpose.

The report we then draw up identifies best practices and areas for development. We can then establish deployment according to your organisation’s resources and strategy. If you have in-house capability, we can manage the remediation or alternatively we can take a hands-on approach and directly work with you to implement & document corrective actions.



Cyber Essentials

The basic Cyber Essentials is a self-assessment option. Going through everything in the list and optimising your organisation’s security in line with it will give protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber attacks. Importantly, having this basic set of ‘door locks’ protects you from being marked out as an easy target for more sophisticated attacks.

In other words, if a sophisticated burglar knows that you tend to keep your door unlocked, they might not choose to rob your house on any night. They might keep an eye out and wait until they know you’ve bought a really expensive new hi-fi system.

Meeting the requirements of the basic Cyber Essentials certification doesn’t just protect your organisation, however, it protects its reputation. Being able to display certification of protection also makes it much easier for prospective business partners to trust you.

But just because it’s a ‘self-assessment’ option doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself – it doesn’t mean it’s simple. Instead, we make it simple for you. As seasoned experts in all things cyber, Cyberfort’s analysts act as trusted advisors to assess your environment as well as offer a remediation plan for anything that does need doing.

Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+)

Cyber Essentials Plus still has the trademark simplicity of approach and gives you all the same controls, but differs in that it also has a hands-on technical verification. If Cyber Essentials is locking your door and installing simple home security, Cyber Essentials Plus is the sticker on the door that shows everyone the security actually works. 

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