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We strive for excellence in everything we do through sharing the knowledge and resources of each individual expert throughout the group. Don’t just take our word for it, we’re accredited by various respected authorities and trusted by a number of high-profile clients to keep them and their data safe.

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Web application attacks range in size and complexity, from the exploitation of vulnerable open source components, to app-specific attacks which take advantage of user controls. Internal web applications are at risk too, from disgruntled or malicious users who may find loopholes and use their position to wreak havoc. Learn more >
86% of mobile applications have at least one vulnerability violating the OWASP Top 10. If these issues are exploited by cyber criminals or malicious users, it can have serious implications for an organisation, in terms of both cost and reputational damage. Learn more >
If you develop a software product or service, are you confident that it’s as secure as it can be? Your clients rely on you to keep their data secure, so if you’ve not had your product or service independently assessed, your reputation is at risk if a vulnerability is discovered. Learn more >