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The sustained growth of modern networks has done fantastic things; people and systems can connect, while new business opportunities are forever arising. However, as networks expand, so too do the opportunities for cybercriminals to infiltrate them.

As networks grow, the potential attack surface for malicious individuals to compromise assets also grows. As a result, successful businesses need to invest in the penetration testing of their networks to always be one step ahead of cybercrime. 

How does network infrastructure testing work?

Network infrastructure testing describes the process by which cybersecurity experts, like ourselves, assess the strength of your networks through simulated attacks on your systems. 

These tests can safely simulate the real-world attacks on your network to decipher how your current cybersecurity systems would fare should it happen in reality. 

After the testing is complete, reports are generated which identify the specific areas of weakness lurking in your systems. From there, you can take the steps required to safeguard your business from cyber attacks.

Our network infrastructure testing services  

We are committed to delivering quick and efficient testing for all our clients, no matter the size or sector of their business.

What is assessed during a network infrastructure test?

If your network is weak, it can be compromised by both internal and external threats — that’s employees, contractors, and cybercriminals alike. For this reason, we offer tests that examine both inside and outside your organisation’s network. 

Our complete coverage testing includes the following:

  • An enumeration of all devices on your network.
  • An enumeration of all the exposed services running on your devices.
  • Detailed identification of all security vulnerabilities in your network such as:
    • Missing security updates.
    • Default/weak Passwords.
    • Misconfigurations.
  • The exploitation of critical vulnerabilities.
  • The privilege escalation within compromised devices.
  • Pivoting from compromised devices to attack other devices
  • The assessment of all compromised data and access privileges.

What’s more, as a deliverable, we can produce three focused reports to ensure that each stakeholder understands our findings and is able to act on our recommendations. 

The three reports we offer all differ in severity and are as follows: 

  1. A High-level executive summary
  2. A Detailed management overview
  3. A full-scale technical report

Why is network infrastructure testing important?

For a modern business, network infrastructure testing can be crucial not only for survival but for success.  For a start, there are a number of benefits to this type of penetration testing, including (but not limited to) the following:

Peace of Mind

You can refocus on the general operations of your business while resting assured that your network is secure.

Reputational integrity:

With our team of experts on your side, your business can guarantee that your customers’ and stakeholders’ data won’t be compromised, threatening your reputation.


Instead of forking out hundreds for post-breach remediation, invest in your cybersecurity strategy upfront and save in the long run.


In order to build trust with your customers and stakeholders, our testing allows you to verify your commitment to all the right regulations. From GDPR  to ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, you can enjoy full compliance.

Your network infrastructure testing FAQs

Will my normal business operations be disrupted during a network test?

Our methodology has been formulated to specifically minimise disruption to our clients’ business. As a result, our testing programme causes as little disruption to your corporate network as is possible. 

We will do our best to guarantee little to no impact on your business’s functionality while we test, and can essentially become an extension of your team when operating.

How long does network infrastructure testing take?

Our experts always try to carry out the testing process as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, the length of a network infrastructure penetration test largely depends on the following factors:

  • The size and scale of your network.
  • How many connected systems you use.
  • If you require other tests to be carried out as well.

If you’ve added mobile or web applications to your systems, it would be wise to get these tested too with separate penetration tests. This way, you can ensure watertight security across all of your infrastructure. 

Find out more about our web, mobile, and product penetration testing by visiting our webpages. 

Secure your network today


However secure you think your current systems might be, there is always the chance of a vulnerability lurking somewhere that may open you up to cyberattack. 

From firewalls and cloud-based services to databases and operating systems, any part of your network could be exploited to do harm to your business 

So, partner with us and test all of these elements today to begin securing your network.

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