A message from
Cyberfort’s CEO,
Andy Hague

It’s difficult to convey the passion, expertise and commitment that the Cyberfort team has, through a page called ‘About us’. However I will try and demonstrate this by talking about our team and what we do.

Principally, Cyberfort exists to provide our clients with the peace-of-mind about the security of their data and the compliance of their business, which is much needed in our increasingly data hungry world.

Since we were established in 2017, we have brought together technology, people, expertise, facilities and leaders in cybersecurity to create a capability that is second to none. Our vision is to create a safer world for us all to live, by creating safer organisations. To do this we want to be recognised and trusted for our excellence in everything we do. We aim to be an authentic leader, with a human voice in a world that is increasingly digitised and robotic.

Despite our youthful looks, we have a heritage going back to 1994 within the Group as it now stands. Our Executive Board and Senior Management have held leadership roles in many leading industry organisations, and we are backed by Palatine, a prominent independent UK mid-market Private Equity firm.

Like you, we recognise that the world around us is continually changing. That’s why we invest heavily in the development of our team, products and services so that we can support you and your business, better. We do this because we believe you’re looking for a trusted partner who will give you solutions that meet your needs now, and into the future. It’s important to us that we know we’re making a real difference to you, your business and society in general.

I am immensely proud of what we do and how many organisations and people we have helped. Helping them to realise the value in Data Protection and Cybersecurity, and to grow their business.

The team and I are equally proud of our extensive list of industry and government accreditations and client testimonials we hold. We understand how important these are, to provide you with the independent validation you need when entrusting the security of Data with a third party.

Above all, I am proud to say we are a people led business; always looking to provide you with pragmatic solutions, and always striving to be regarded as a great place to work.

The team and I are committed to building a great company, strong relationships with you, and our other clients, and a more secure society.


We’re proud of the extensive list of industry and government accreditations we hold. We understand the need for independent validation when entrusting the security of valuable or sensitive data to a third party.

Cyberfort is a people-led business; always looking to provide you with pragmatic solutions, and always striving to be a great place to work.

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What our clients say

‘Having Cyberfort as our compliance partner is a major asset. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone’
Charlotte Akpinar
Practice and compliance manager, Bell and Buxton Solicitors.

‘Working with Cyberfort means we can deploy one of the most resilient services in our market’
Christian Antrobus
CTO FML, Bottomline Technologies.