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What is Risk Management and why is it important?

Risk management is about the removal of uncertainty. It is a forward-thinking process that anticipates risk within a business (and those external risks that may affect a company) and goes about implementing mitigating measures as a defence strategy. 

As straightforward as that sounds, however, risk management is never easy. Identifying risk is notoriously challenging, especially when it comes to assessing their probability and impact. In fact, this requires a high level of skill — which is where our workshops come in.


What is a Risk Management Workshop?

A Risk Management Workshop is a one-to-one training session between the experts and your business aimed to strengthen your risk management skills. 

They are aimed at helping you develop the skills required to better manage the risks that may affect your company in the future. As an outcome, you will learn the following:

  • The true meaning of risk management and its common principles.
  • Core details about information governance.
  • Cybersecurity, data protection, and technology best practices.

When taking your first risk management workshop, it is important to remember that risk can never be removed as an effective factor for a business; however, it can be managed.

What do our Risk Management workshops involve?

When it comes to security risk management, we’re the experts, So, we’ve developed a workshop with all of our best practices. 

Delivered over a period of hours, our workshops take the form of a concentrated, impactful course for you and your staff. Our cybersecurity experts will train you not only on the importance of identifying and managing risk but also on how to deliver it.

During the session, our experts will work with you face-to-face to help you identify the following:

  • Any internal threats within your organisation.
  • Any external threats from outside your organisation.
  • The consequences to your business should an undetected risk crystallise
  • Any and all controls in place that minimise the probability of risk crystallisation.
  • The probability that a risk event should happen.
  • The impact a risk event would have should it occur.

Our workshop is divided up into manageable chunks of time: 

  1.  Risk Workshop 
  2. A review of the output and validation of content 
  3. The development of a summary report providing information on the next steps

After the workshop, you’ll have a clear picture of your risk priorities as well as a plan for focusing resources and attention on the areas of your business that matter the most.

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