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A secure, virtual desktop service, allowing anywhere, anytime, any device access in an easy to consume solution. Cyberfort Managed Desktop Infrastructure (MDI) empowers your workforce by providing a great user experience through delivery of a familiar and consistent high-performance desktop and hosted applications, to any device.

Choosing Cyberfort’s Managed Desktop Infrastructure (MDI) for hosting your business services is the simplest way to manage Windows desktop in the cloud, securely, and at minimum cost. Powered by Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, the service utilises the availability, scalability and power of the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing with Cyberfort brings you economies of scale, combined with our trusted expertise in security. There is no equipment to buy up-front, you simply decide what resources, applications and configuration you need on the desktop and let our service take care of the provisioning.

But we don’t stop there. As a standard part of our cloud offering, we include our cloud backup service based in our UK based data centre – protecting your Microsoft 365 user data, provide monitoring and a comprehensive endpoint security solution for the desktop.

Our team of Microsoft experts will build and look after your Virtual Desktop infrastructure for you, leaving you to concentrate on getting your core business with minimum resources allocated to system management. Leave it to Cyberfort to patch, monitor and maintain your virtual desktop environment via our 24/7/365 service desk.

What can you enjoy with Cyberfort’s MDI?


  • End-to-End implementation and full management of Managed virtual desktops
  • Dynamic/Automated scaling desktops on-demand, consumption based model
  • Full integration with M365, SharePoint, and other Microsoft Applications
  • Entry level to GPU intensive workload desktop options available
  • Managed patching, endpoint security, backups, and monitoring
  • Environment and Infrastructure automation and orchestration
  • End-to-end service covering security, design, management, monitoring, cost-optimisation and billing
  • On-demand UK-based Service Desk and Engineering resources

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How can your organisation benefit from using MDI?

Secure by Design

With the ever growing risk of Ransomware and Malware attacks we designed our MDI Service with security in mind. Our solution is developed on secure infrastructure, powered by Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, with two-factor authentication and data encryption by default. 


Flexible desktop options from entry level endpoints to GPU intensive workloads with dynamic scaling and end-to-end service covering security, design, management, monitoring, cost-optimisation and billing.

Optimise Costs

Our Managed Virtual Desktop provision will allow you to reduce the investment needed on your infrastructure, as well as reducing management overhead costs and freeing up your resources.


Introducing MDI to your organisation is a seamless experience that adds layers of security to your critical business data. By integrating M365 tools such as Outlook, Teams, Office and using OneDrive as your data storage, you will empower your team, providing them with a familiar experience of a local desktop.

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