What is Colocation?

Colocation services allow your business to rent data centre capabilities based on your needs and objectives, ensuring you’re set up for success.

Why is it important?

Colocation services give you the power to scale your infrastructure and deliver better experiences to your customers without a high cost of entry.

How can we help you?

Our data centres are secure, compliant, ISO 27001-accredited, and connected to all major public clouds and national and international telecoms providers.

Secure Colocation

We provide quarter, half and full racks, as well as dedicated secure rooms and floors. We can include any additional security measures needed to demonstrate your commitment to maximum security to your stakeholders (your customers, partners, investors, insurers and regulators). For extremely sensitive data, Cyberfort can construct bespoke suites using materials that meet the highest recognised loss prevention standards. Contact us >

Managed Colocation

Managed Colocation bridges the gap between standard colocation and our full manged solutions. 

We have strong technical expertise in networks, Microsoft and Opensource technologies as well as a 24/7/365 service desk with our in-house, on-site teams. 

Our Managed Colocation services include managed network, infrastructure, firewalls, secure data backup, cloud storage and the connectivity your require. 

We work with you to identify those areas that are best suited for you and your teams to manage and those where we can add real value and alleviate operational pressure. Contact Us>

Caged Suite

If your security requirements exceed a shared data floor but you don’t need a dedicated suite, caged suites on a shared data floor can present the ideal solution.

Starting from our standard floor-to-ceiling design, your caged suite gives you increased security and separation, with the additional option of deploying cages within cages to create multiple security zones where the need arises. We are then able to layer the services required for increased security, from independent CCTV to access control and intruder alarms.

If you have a single rack or more, caged suites are an option and as with all our solutions, can be tailored to your requirements and compliance mandates. We have vast experience working to multiple compliance standards, delivering high security cages to meet, or in most case exceed, these requirements. Contact us>

Secure Colocation Suites

Our dedicated suites are self-contained, secure and situated away from the shared data floor. We also offer a range of construction options, ranging from mesh caging through to sealed suites that meet Loss Prevention Standards, able to withstand prolonged attacks from multiple vectors. Cyberfort’s dedicated suites can incorporate multiple security zones, integrated and multi-factor access systems, CCTV and alarm systems. Contact us >

What is

Take advantage of the most secure commercial data centres in the UK to host your mission-critical, sensitive and regulated data in a way that will visibly and demonstrably satisfy the needs of your key stakeholders.

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In this increasingly interconnected world, security can no longer be an afterthought. Your business, and your customers, deserve strategic security solutions. Find out more >


From managed cloud hosting to colocation services, Cyberfort takes the same approach to cloud as we do with everything else: security first. Find out more >