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Cybersecurity has become a necessity of any organisation, but for many the topic remains as obscure as ever. Complex cybersecurity systems might claim to be guarding your company, but can you really be sure of the effectiveness? And a rigid framework might prevent security breaches, but has it become a hurdle rather than a help?

The safest security system is one that you can understand.


Why is GRC helpful?

How do you know your cybersecurity is working? If you’ve handed over responsibility to a third party, your cybersecurity might be as transparent as a locked safe. You just have to hope it’s doing its job. 

Rigid cybersecurity best practices can turn security into a hurdle, preventing smooth operation and failing to respond to the needs of the business. Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) works differently. GRC provides a framework, alongside education, for more efficient cybersecurity.

How does GRC work?

First, cybersecurity risk is identified, and a governance framework is established. Then, rather than simply comparing it to set criteria, GRC encourages debating and challenging the system. This builds a response that works, is appropriate to purpose, and, importantly, can be managed. 

Complex cybersecurity can often work against a business. It might provide protection, but with no clear understanding of the method, it becomes a hindrance. GRC ensures that organisations are able to take control of their own security.


Take control of your cybersecurity today

Are you ready to take control of your cybersecurity, building a responsive system that you can see working? Talk to us today about the options we have for you.

How can our governance service help?

We always run on our mantra of “Good Practice over Best Practice”. Rather than providing you with an unyielding security checklist, our Governance, Risk, and Compliance service creates a cybersecurity system you can actually use.

We start by providing an accurate overview of your exposure. Services such as penetration testing can assess your current security system for weaknesses, while our gap analysis compares your current framework to international standards. But instead of just leaving it there, the GRC approach encourages debating how these standards best integrate with your company. We help you identify an approach to safeguarding that works, and ensure you have the necessary resources to carry it out.

As well as assisting in creation, we can provide you with the means to see that your security is working moving forward. We can help you create an incident response readiness plan, so any attacks can be swiftly dealt with. 

Compliance is still key to thorough cybersecurity, so our GRC service keeps you in the loop regarding legal and regulatory environments. And we also inform you how to tailor responses and influence third parties and peers. 

Understanding security is crucial for it to work — that’s why we recognise the importance of educating employees against social engineering attacks such as phishing. But education shouldn’t stop there. GRC puts control of cybersecurity back in your hands.

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