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Cloud Storage

Cyberfort OBS is a resilient and secure CEPH based storage platform, providing S3-compatible cloud storage that solves the growing challenges of data storage in terms of cost, security, compliance, location, reliability and availability. Data is stored entirely in the UK, encrypted in-transit and at-rest, resilient and with the highest levels of physical and digital security.

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Customer Managed Backups

In today’s data-driven world, protecting your business-critical information is of paramount importance. That’s why we are excited to introduce our cutting-edge solution, Cyberfort Customer Backup Service (CBS). Designed to provide you with comprehensive data protection and peace of mind, Cyberfort CBS offers a simple, easy to use and configurable model of Backup as a Service. You retain overall responsibility for the primary system and backup and restore jobs, giving you the control and flexibility to set your backups exactly as you need them, and Cyberfort provides a cloud storage platform sized to your requirements, along with Cloud Connect backup licensing to provide offsite backup. Our expert staff are on hand to provide advice and guidance to make sure your system meets your needs.

Our platform is built from the ground up with Veeam Cloud Connect, based on new technologies introduced in Veeam v12, to utilise the latest feature set and ensure your data is always secure and available. We have worked with Veeam to ensure the platform is optimised and built with all best practices for the Veeam v12 platform and beyond, with a far higher capacity for incoming data streams and compute resources for fast and efficient processing of traffic and an improved design for scalability.

M365 Backups

Your data, your responsibility. Microsoft provides a wide array of powerful services within Microsoft 365 (M365), but a comprehensive backup of your M365 data is not one of them. Data accidentally deleted, altered or breached within the M365 environment can be lost. This could not only bring a company to standstill but may also result in non-compliance and the associated risk of reputational damage and regulatory fines.

Cyberfort’s Veeam Backup for M365 eliminates the risk of losing access to data and ensures availability of data for all users. Take control of your organisation’s M365 data and remain compliant.


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