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Cyberfort Managed Cloud Exchange (MCX) is our flagship cloud offering that provides businesses the tailored cloud resources they need to stay competitive, compliant, and agile in a fast-changing world.

Built on class-leading hardware that maximises throughput and guarantees availability, MCX offers bespoke, scalable resources and storage, managed and delivered within a world-class security infrastructure in our multi-tenant cloud.

Cyberfort’s world-class cybersecurity experts design, manage and oversee MCX delivery for customers looking to build, develop or rationalise their cloud infrastructure.

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Features and Benefits

Seamlessly scale your cloud environment to accommodate increasing resource demands without compromising performance.
Dashboard for single pane of glass visibility, providing a centralised overview of your Cloud estate.
Streamline and automate complex tasks, enhancing operational efficiency and accelerating service delivery.
Benefit from high availability and superior performance, backed by our 24/7/365 UK-based Support teams.
Accelerate application deployment and delivery by letting us look after the underpinning infrastructure, enabling your team to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.
Our robust multitenancy architecture ensures complete isolation between tenants, safeguarding sensitive data and providing you with your own secure environment.
MCX offers unmatched flexibility to enable you to choose resources for your specific needs, optimising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Natively supports Tanzu Basic (Tanzu Kubernetes Grid), native K8s and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGi), providing an easy platform for developers to sandbox or deploy apps.

Why choose MCX?

MCX is built on hyperconverged infrastructure using VMware to minimise exposure and ensure access to the latest feature sets and technologies

MCX provides an integrated NSX-T Firewall by default and enables security features such as microsegmentation, encryption and erasure coding to bolster the security posture of your cloud environment.

14-day backup and replication service included by default, providing onsite and offsite backups with optional test restores to verify the integrity of your data.

Additional capabilities include Containerisation, Premium Load Balancing, Archive Storage, Customisable Bandwidth, extended Backup Schedule and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems.

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