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Ensuring Your Security Controls Meet Your Expectations 

Ensuring Your Security Controls Meet Your Expectations

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How it works


Identify, Secure, and Fortify: A Three-Step Approach to cyber resilience

Step 1: Identify


In this crucial phase, we emulate the actions and strategies of real cyber attackers, meticulously assessing your security controls within a controlled and risk-free environment.

Step 2: Secure


Receive a comprehensive analysis report free from high-level jargon, offering you the assurance that your system is secure. For identified findings, expect clear, jargon-free analyses of their impact on your application.

Step 3: Fortify


Upon discovering vulnerabilities, we provide detailed, reproducible evidence. Empower your teams with a thorough understanding of the risks, remediation advice, and consultations with our specialists to enhance the security of your application.

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy with our all-encompassing penetration testing services. Let us empower you to fortify your system and showcase its security resilience.

What’s included?

Ensuring a seamless and hassle-free security assessment experience is our commitment to you. We maintain open communication at every stage of the assessment, from planning and testing to analysis and remediation. Our objective is to maximize the benefits of the assessment and fortify your system’s security.

✔️Daily Updates: Receive daily updates throughout the assessment, keeping you informed about ongoing progress and critical developments.

✔️Comprehensive, Jargon-Free Report: Gain access to a detailed report free from technical jargon, providing clear insights and a straightforward remediation plan for easy understanding and implementation.

✔️Post-Assessment Debrief Call: Engage in a debrief call post-assessment where our experts provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, discuss findings, and deepen your understanding of the assessment process.

✔️Attestation for Third-Parties: Receive an attestation that you can proudly showcase to third parties, validating that your system has undergone a thorough assessment.



“…Your team of testers always do a stella job, particularly impressed with the latest test…with only 48 hour’s notice you switched it out and used the purchased hours…extremely well received..”

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 DLUHC Head of Cyber Security


“Our partnership with Cyberfort has been instrumental in safeguarding our digital assets. The penetration testing they conducted on multiple web applications and infrastructures demonstrated their unparalleled expertise. Their insights and solutions have significantly enhanced our overall security.”

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Have queries? Explore our FAQ

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clients. From our services to
cybersecurity essentials, weve got
you covered.

What is Penetration Testing?

A typical penetration test models malicious cyber attacks by real-world hackers to determine the robustness of your web or mobile applications, or other connected products, against such threats.

At Arcturus, all our tests are carried out by experienced, accredited professionals, using a bespoke combination of the latest tools and techniques to assess your systems and identify any vulnerabilities. We then provide clear, practical advice on how you can secure these gaps and better protect your business.

Why does my business need penetration testing?

Left unchecked, business-critical applications can conceal weaknesses which present opportunities for external hackers and disgruntled or opportunistic insiders to compromise your systems. Not only does this expose both your organisation’s and your customers’ data to potential misuse, it can also put you at risk of severe reputational and financial loss in the event of a data breach. The cyber threat is constantly evolving, so it’s vital to implement regular testing and ensure that your security set-up is equipped to keep pace.

Which applications should I test?

Any applications that have been modified specifically for your business, either in-house or by a third-party, should undergo a penetration test to verify that there are no vulnerabilities that will leave you at risk.

How long does penetration testing take?

The length of a penetration test can vary from approximately two days to two weeks, depending on the scale of your systems and the number of applications and products that you use or provide.

Our consultants work with you to determine a timeframe for your particular requirements, ensuring that your business is thoroughly vetted.

How much does penetration testing cost?

The cost of a penetration test depends primarily on the number of days required to ensure total coverage of your applications.

We build a proposal with you upfront, based on your success criteria, with no hidden fees. It’s worth remembering that the cost of penetration testing is far less than the crippling costs associated with post-breach remediation.

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Trusted by Hundreds of Companies
24/7 Customer Support
NCSC & Crest Approved
Expert Assistance