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Applications are among the most common types of software used today. Increasingly, applications handle sensitive data,  posing a risk to organisations if not made secure. Penetration testing is one of the best ways to identify the potential weaknesses in your software and systems — and applying the rigour of penetration testing to your applications is a surefire way of eradicating threats.


What is application testing?

Application testing refers to the process by which an organisation’s applications are subjected to penetration testing. 

Our penetration testing services recreate the techniques of cybercriminals and malicious insiders to expose any vulnerabilities that may undermine your online-facing or internal applications. 

Essentially, it is a controlled simulation of a cyber attack on your applications to preempt the advances of cybercriminals. As an outcome, a report can be generated that maps the key areas of weakness in your applications and advises of any recommendations for improvement security-wise. 

You can download our factsheet on penetration testing to find out more.

Which applications should be tested?

It is worth testing any and all applications that have been specifically modified for your business by someone in-house or a third party. These applications should undergo a penetration test just to make sure that they aren’t making your business susceptible to cyberattack, even unknowingly.

How long does penetration testing for applications take?

The time taken to conduct a penetration test varies based on a number of factors including (but not limited to):

  • The number of applications you have
  • The complexity and nature of your applications 
  • The strength of your current systems 
  • The scale of your current systems 


Generally speaking, a penetration test can vary from approximately two days all the way up to two weeks. That being said, our consultants will work as quickly and efficiently as possible, determining a timeframe that meets your particular  requirements as a business.

How much does application testing cost?

The cost of a penetration test for applications largely relies upon the time taken. Primarily, the cost is decided by the number of days it takes to ensure your applications are completely covered. 

What we can do is present you with an initial proposal (based on your success criteria), guaranteeing no hidden fees. 

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that no money spent on application testing is ever wasted, especially not in comparison to the vast costs associated with remediation after a breach occurs.

Our application testing services


While the technologies you use may facilitate growth and help streamline processes in your organisation, each application also acts as a potential opportunity for your systems to be compromised by cybercriminals. 

It becomes vital, then, to defend against infiltration by making penetration testing part and parcel of your security strategy. 

All of our penetration testing services have the CREST approval which acts as an indicator of our dedication and high quality when it comes to data security and handling.

Our tests are always carried out by our team of experienced, accredited professionals who use a tailored combination of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated techniques to conduct their work.

After identifying any vulnerabilities in your systems, our team can provide straightforward, practical advice on how you can close these gaps and keep your business protected. 

Why does your business need application testing?


Business-critical applications can be an asset to your company. However, if left unchecked for extended periods of time, they can also conceal fundamental weaknesses in your systems. 

Applications are almost a double-edged sword as they can allow external hackers — or even malicious insiders — to compromise your data. 

If not checked, your applications may be exposing your and your customers’ data to potential misuse, placing your business at risk of reputational damage, and perhaps even financial loss.

Regularly testing your applications is your best bet when it comes to keeping up with the ever-complexifying methods of cybercriminals. 

If your organisation could benefit from penetration testing on its applications, get in touch with our experts today.

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