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Gary Hibberd


Welcome to the final week of Cyber Awareness Month at Cyberfort! As we wrap up this month of cybersecurity learning, we want to put you at the centre of our discussion by highlighting the crucial role you play in protecting your organisation’s most valuable asset: data.

Why Data Protection Matters

You are a key guardian of your company’s data and here’s why data protection should matter to you:

1. Client Trust: Your dedication to data protection builds and maintains trust with your clients, showing them that their sensitive information is in capable hands.

2. Reputation: Data breaches can tarnish your organisation’s reputation. Your actions help safeguard its standing in the industry.

3. Legal Compliance: By following data protection practices, you ensure that regulatory requirements are met, reducing legal risks for your organisation.


Data Protection in Your Hands

Here are some practical steps you can take to actively contribute to data protection:

1. Know Your Data: Understand the nature and classification of the data you work with. Some data, such as personal information, requires higher levels of protection.

2. Access Control: Ensure that you have access only to the data you need for your role. Don’t hesitate to request changes if you think your access permissions are excessive.

3. Vigilance: Stay alert for any unusual data access or activities in your work. Report any suspicious behaviour promptly.

4. Data Handling: Treat data with care. Encrypt sensitive information and follow secure data handling practices, especially when sharing files or sending emails.

5. Compliance: Familiarise yourself with data protection regulations relevant to your work and ensure you adhere to them.

6. Backup Awareness: Understand the importance of data backups and how they protect your work. Report any issues with data backup processes.


Reporting Data Concerns

If you come across anything that raises concerns about data security or suspect a potential data breach, don’t hesitate to reach out to your IT Team. Your prompt reporting allows them to investigate and act swiftly.


A Shared Commitment

Data protection is not just an IT issue—it’s everyone’s responsibility. By being proactive and vigilant, you can make a significant impact on your organisation’s data security.

As we wrap up Cyber Awareness Month, remember that you are an essential part of your cybersecurity team. Your dedication to data protection reflects your commitment to your clients, your organisation and your collective ethical responsibility.

We hope you have enjoyed our Cyber Awareness Month, we certainly have here at Cyberfort! If you have any questions on your organisation’s cybersecurity please do not hesitate to contact us today.