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Cloud computing has already transformed the way that businesses operate. As well as providing new efficiencies through its flexibility and scalability, it’s also widely regarded as an engine for innovation, enabling businesses to offer new digital experiences to their customers and clients.


But as with any transformative technology, cloud computing introduces its own set of trials and challenges, from specification, implementation and change management to cybersecurity. Indeed, while 94% of businesses have seen an improvement in security after moving to the cloud, moving IT operations to the cloud also introduces new cyber threats and new unknowns.

Download our eBook to learn how a secure cloud deployment can help you to solve the innovation vs security paradox, ensuring that your infrastructure is safe from cyber criminals while also providing opportunities for new business and innovation.

1. The four most common challenges facing cloud adopters, and how to overcome them.
2. How your business can gain an advantage over your competitors by implementing secure cloud architecture.
3. Steps to moving your business to the cloud securely, while also empowering innovation.