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So, you   going on holiday? How many days to go? We know you’ve got a countdown somewhere.

Are you prepared? Swimming attire, new outfits, Sun Cream, Bucket and Spade…

Transport organised to the airport or route to the destination planned?

How about your Cybersecurity? Here are top tips for you to consider. But, firstly, stop working and go on holiday, you deserve it!


Why do you need to connect?

Is anyone really interested in seeing your summer holiday pictures? Why not just relax, unwind, and leave the internet behind you. Go old school and drop that device, you don’t need to be digital for the next week or two. Let your mind get a break and just let the calm wash over you.

A week or two break from Social Media will boost you. It could lower your anxiety and depression, use the time to connect with family, make new friends and soak up life. The Internet will still be there when you get back and so will work.

If you’re stuck, then go for a stroll, check out the sights and scenery or simply listen to a piece of music – download what you need before you go. Read a book, you know you’ve put it off. Draw, paint or create. Play with your kids. Make some new special memories, whilst you top up on some Vitamin D.


If you are going digital and can’t take a break, then follow these pieces of advice;

Download or complete the following on the devices you will be taking:

  1. Update all devices to the latest version
  2. Download Anti Virus
  3. Get a Firewall application
  4. Download a trusted VPN service
  5. Be familiar with it – use it before you leave
  6. Switch on auto connect so you are protected at all times
  7. Disable trackers and ads
  8. Enable, or hit the Kill switch if the VPN drops
  9. Get a password manager and populate it – this is just good practice
  10. Look at a Mobile Hotspot
  11. Set-up a holiday, or temporary email account to safeguard you from spam and unwanted emails
  12. Back up your devices before you go
  13. Turn off remember my connection in your WiFi settings


The proliferation of Free WiFi means that you cannot be sure what you are connecting to. You don’t know what you are connecting too. It is trivial to advertise a Free WiFi and these connections are sometimes used to harvest details and accounts.

Likewise, don’t trust the hotel WiFi it could be compromised, with a Man-in-the-Middle attack. A hacker could pose as the hotel WiFi and pass your details on, whilst collecting your important details.


Use that VPN, create a bypass for the local WiFi and keep that Firewall on.


Mobile phone advice

  1. Ensure you have a six digit PIN or longer (don’t use the same digits such as 999999 and the like) if you can remember it.
  2. Don’t use the shape unlock from Android if it’s available, it’s not as secure due to the visibility of the pattern from a distance
  3. Insure your device, make sure that if lost you can replace it
  4. Record the IMEI, Service Providers contact details and serial number of the phone
  5. Ensure your phone has a remote wipe feature if stolen


  1.  If you have maps enabled, make sure that they are protected and needed
  2.  Don’t forget your Strava/Fitness apps too, don’t give away your location

There is a myriad of things you can do to protect yourself whilst on holiday. But the best one is to take a break; you deserve some down time.

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