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1970 - 1993 - The RAF Returns to Ash – 1970 – 1993

During the seventies the CAA used the site for civil radar, the station had control of the Eastern approach toHeathrow and Gatwick. Although owned by the CAA, the site was also a reporting radar for the Linesman/Mediatorsystem and as such supplied radar information for both military and civilian purposes.

In later years Ash was bought back from the CAA by the RAF. The original bunker was stripped out and two newbunkers were built on and adjacent to the ROTOR bunker to provide a protected power supply, fuel and waterstores, and plant space.

Re-engineered to withstand a hit from a 22 kiloton thermonuclear bomb the inside of the bunker was alsocompletely refitted. State of the art filters were installed to ensure optimum conditions and the ability to remainoperational for 90 days following a nuclear, chemical or biological attack.

The Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) shield was installed at this time to enable electronic equipment to withstand theEMP generated by a nuclear explosion. Following the completion of these works Ash became a Control andReporting Centre.

As a Control and Reporting Centre RAF Ash was fully equipped and able to take control of an air battle in thearea in the event of any of its sister stations being rendered inoperable