Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Your business has invested heavily in security measures to protect it from attack, but how do you know they work?  Penetration testing is a form of ‘ethical hacking’ that will assess and test your systems for potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

We then provide you with a clear, easy-to-understand report and action plan showing what you must do to make your systems secure. All Cyberfort pen testers are CREST and CHECK-accredited.

Cyberfort’s Penetration Testing services include:

Application Testing

This test is an authorised simulated attack on your applications and associated infrastructure. Our goal is to identify strengths and vulnerabilities within your environment. Cyberfort performs both black box (unauthenticated) and white box (authenticated) testing of all key application components and their supporting infrastructure.

Network Infrastructure Testing

Our infrastructure penetration test is an authorised simulated attack on your network infrastructure. It’s designed to identify vulnerabilities and strengths so that you can protect your systems from threats. We provide you with a clearly-written vulnerability report outlining all threats and risks we have identified. We provide actionable technical remediation advice for implementing best-practice security controls.

Oversight Monitoring

We use automated tools to provide a cost-effective 24/7/365 oversight monitoring solution. Unlike penetration testing, this service focuses solely on identifying high-risk, high-impact vulnerabilities. There is no formal report, you simply receive an alert as-and-when a vulnerability is detected. We still recommend you have your external infrastructure fully penetration tested at least once a year, or every time there are any major infrastructure changes.

Configuration Review

Secure configuration of all networked devices is vital to your overall cybersecurity. Poorly patched or misconfigured devices are your weakest link, leaving you open to a cyberattack.

Cyberfort will perform an in-depth analysis of standard device builds, databases and system configurations, identifying deviations from industry-standard best practices. We provide you with a clearly-written report advising you on specific actions you need to take to minimise your attack surface.

Your Penetration Testing Challenges

  • You’re concerned about the robustness of your systems and worry about the threat of a data breach, ransomware or phishing attack
  • You have IT security controls in place but you’re unsure how effective they are
  • You’re trying to comply with GDPR, ISO 27001 or PCI DSS, but you’re unsure how to align your IT with the requirements of these industry standards

How Cyberfort Can Help You

  • Confidence that you have best practice security controls in place across all deployment platforms
  • Cyberfort’s actionable, prioritised resolution advice will save you time and drive efficiency
  • We’ll confine our testing to the right scope for your needs, ensuring best ROI and no surprises
  • We’ll help you meet regulatory and internal compliance requirement