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Introducing the industry’s first comprehensive cloud solution to the growing challenges of data storage. When it comes to cost, security, compliance, location, reliability, and availability, our cloud archive storage has you covered.

Put simply, object storage creates redundant storage with built-in encryption, that is infinitely scalable. Our archive storage service allows for all data to be stored in the UK, with strong availability and the highest possible levels of physical and digital security to be delivered on a consumption basis.

What are the key features of our cloud archive storage?

Our object storage cloud service is perfect for cost-effectively storing backup and archive data securely in the cloud, and it also establishes a consolidated data platform for IT teams to run big data analytics. The main features you can enjoy with our cloud storage include (but are not limited to):

  • State-of-the-art storage architecture
  • 256-bit encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Two ultra-secure data centre sites in the UK, keeping your data local
  • Up to fifteen nine times of availability for your data.
  • API/open architecture to integrate gateways with any big data application, eg: Hadoop
  • Full compliance for PCI DSS, FSA regulation, and ISO 27001.
  • Advanced ‘slice and dice’ technology to disperse data across multiple sites, reducing backup requirements

How can cloud archive storage help your business?

For a start, cloud storage guarantees ultra-security for your business’ data – whether at rest or in transit, allowing you to access your data safely from anywhere in real-time. 

What’s more, our data slicing, encryption, and dispersal algorithm technology can securely share your data objects across multiple storage nodes at once. And, thanks to our innovative self-healing technology, these nodes can be automatically returned to full tolerance in the event of an outage. 

But that’s not all. Browse the other benefits below:

Complete compliance:

With our UK-guaranteed data centres, you’ll know exactly where your data is stored for compliance and peace of mind. 


Your business can enjoy secure cloud data storage delivered on a consumption basis that is price comparable to the public cloud without the need for backup and replication costs.

Infinitely scalable:

Our storage solutions are completely scalable to solve the boom in data volumes indefinitely.

Total flexibility:

Avoid vendor lock-in and feel the benefit of data management with our storage as a powerful alternative to upgrading SAN hardware.

Big-data ready:

You’ll never run out of space with our storage architecture solutions since we give customers an infinite pool of data instead of outdated block and file hierarchy which requires large volume replication.

Why choose Cyberfort’s secure storage services?

Founded in 1994, we have decades of experience as a managed service provider and have dealt with businesses of all sizes in all sectors. Uniquely operating from two geographically separate ex-MoD nuclear bunkers, we offer the best physical security around. This includes:

  • 3m thick reinforced concrete walls
  • Solid steel doors 
  • A 24-hour CCTV security system
  • Visual verification of all guests entering the data floors 
  • Electromagnetic pulse protection 
  • Carrier-neutral connectivity 

All our customers can also enjoy an entirely UK-based 24/7/365 service desk for any queries they may have. What’s more, we can guarantee an 100% uptime for your business’ site with auto failover to all secondary sites.

Contact us today 

If you’re a business looking for secure data storage solutions, get in touch with our team of experts today. Alternatively, for more cybersecurity advice and digital business insights,  head over to our blog.

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