Cyberfort Detect


Cyberfort’s DETECT service is designed to give you the confidence that the technology you are using or developing is as secure as it possibly can be.

Whether you are developing software for your clients that’s designed to hold their customers’ data, or you want to ensure your own infrastructure is secure, you need to test your technology for vulnerabilities.


Your prospective clients will rigorously test your software before they consider buying from you, or will seek assurances from you that it is resilient to cyberattack. But if they discover any weakness, or can’t be confident that your internal systems are secure, it is likely to be the end of that relationship.


This is where Cyberfort’s DETECT service can help you. You know you need to carry out a penetration or ‘pen test’ of your IT infrastructure. Some businesses see this process as simply a hoop to jump through on the journey to get their technology to market. But not all pen tests are created equal. The most effective pen tests aren’t a linear process, they’re an exploration. 


Cyberfort pen testers are renowned for finding system vulnerabilities other pen testers just haven’t dug deep enough to uncover. We tell you what you don’t know, not what you know already, allowing you to make informed decisions about where best to invest your resources and budget.  


Our pen testers are all CHECK-accredited and CREST-certified. Cyberfort is recognised as a partner of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) under its Assured Service Provider scheme. We are also a CREST-accredited Cyber Essentials certifying body, meaning we can help you achieve and assess Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.


Cyberfort’s range of DETECT services includes application penetration testing, network pen testing, configuration reviews and oversight of your network perimeters.


Our pen testers are among the most highly-skilled testers around. They take the testing process personally. They’re passionate and see every pen test as a puzzle to crack and solve. And they work as a team to test every facet of your IT, bringing different approaches, perspectives and ideas to the testing process.


Following your pen test, we’ll debrief you of our findings, and provide you with a report written in language understandable at Board level as well as by your technical experts.


Your report will provide pragmatic, actionable steps to fix any vulnerabilities we’ve found. An important part of our delivery is sharing our knowledge with you, and empowering you to move forward with robust security processes in place.


Cyberfort will give you the confidence that your technology is as secure as it is possible to be, and that your technology is absolutely ready to go to market.


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