Hosting Services

Technical Solution Architecture

You’re an agile digital organisation with cutting edge applications that require rapid, iterative change. You need the ability to scale with demand, a high degree of fault tolerance and responsive performance. Delivering all of this functionality is challenging. It requires a broad range of DevOps skills, experience and technologies that can be difficult to acquire, develop and retain.

Cyberfort will free your development teams to focus on innovation and application development. We have broad expertise across vendor-specific, technology-agnostic and open source tools and can expertly design your infrastructure solutions on dedicated and public platforms.

Our cloud-native operations experts will help you to automate IT operations on public, private and hybrid cloud environments, ensuring that change and growth can be handled in a predictable and secure fashion.

Cyberfort’s Technical Solution Architecture services include:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers a wealth of infrastructure options, from compute and storage through to databases and managed applications and advanced capabilities in AI, machine learning (ML) and analytics. Azure can also be best when migrating or deploying applications that are dependent on Microsoft technologies or that require Microsoft licensing. Cyberfort DEFEND hosting services offer expertise and experience to help you migrate, deploy, operate, secure and optimise on Azure.

Amazon Web Services

Cyberfort can provide a comprehensive DevOps and support capability for AWS, the world’s leading hyperscale cloud. Leveraging our experience in highly secure systems, our approach to DevOps and management has security and availability at its core. Utilise the rich AWS service catalogue to deliver highly functional, scalable and secure applications, either off-the-shelf or bespoke.

Your Public Cloud Challenges

  • Your business doesn't have the in-house skills to design and build your own infrastructure
  • You want to focus your time and energies on innovation and developing your application, not the infrastructure that supports it
  • You are unsure how to design an environment that is aligned to your compliance, data sovereignty, data residency and other business requirements
  • You lack the knowledge of public, private and hybrid clouds to know which infrastructure that demonstrates full compliance and security, and ensure the smooth running of your business

How Cyberfort Can Help

  • You’ll benefit from access to our skills and wealth of knowledge in public, private and hybrid clouds.

  • Cyberfort’s experts will gain a deep understanding of your business and will recommend, design and build the optimum infrastructure for you.

  • Cyberfort is vendor neutral and will only recommend the best technology for your business.

  • We will free you up to focus on innovation and the applications you are building, while we take care of the infrastructure to support you.

  • Cyberfort will help you to focus more of your time on innovation and application development, by taking advantage of the predictable and repeatable functionality that programmatically driven infrastructure provides, removing much of the burden associated with systems administration.

  • Our teams will recommend and deploy the most appropriate infrastructure-as-code tools, using our expertise in vendor-specific tools (including AWS CloudFormation and Azure Resource Manager) and technology-agnostic, open source tools (such as Ansible, Terraform and Jenkins amongst others).