SOC Service

Internal IT teams often lack the time, skills and resources to monitor their systems 24/7 at the depth of detail required to keep systems secure. Cyberfort’s SOC is a centralised security unit, monitoring your systems and device estate 24/7/365, with a team ready to respond immediately if suspicious activity is detected.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring systems can be very costly, but Cyberfort offers a tiered service. You can choose the level of management you want in line with your budget, personnel capabilities and the devices that require monitoring.

Cyberfort’s SOC Service includes:

This table demonstrates the benefits of each tier of Cyberfort’s SOC service.

Tier 1 is a security service that you manage yourself, utilising the dashboard available 24/7/365 to monitor your infrastructure.

Cyberfort manages the Tier 2 service from 09:00 to 17:00, with additional 24/7/365 out-of-hours support and call-out.

Tier 3 is a fully-managed 24/7/365 security service, monitored by Cyberfort analysts around the clock. 


Your Challenges

  • Difficulty sifting, analysing and understanding logs and other data, with no efficient means of identifying suspicious or threatening events.
  • Your in-house IT team lacks the skills and time to deal with the increasing quantity - and complexity - of cyber-security threats.
  • You need to comply with frameworks such as NIST, ISO 27001, CIS Top 20, PCI DSS and SOX, but you lack the expertise to ensure full compliance.


How Cyberfort Can Help

  • Cyberfort SOC is a cost-effective, fast and efficient alternative to setting up an internal SOC team. Cyberfort’s analysts, systems and internal infrastructure can literally save a business millions.
  • Timely alerting allows Cyberfort and/or your own internal teams to respond to incidents immediately, shutting down aggressor access as soon as a threat is detected.
  • If an incident occurs, the threat intelligence and advanced log data analytics capabilities allow you to investigate ‘intelligently’.
  • You will benefit from real-time analytics capabilities, aggregation and correlation of cross-domain activity, events and incident detail.
  • Rapidly investigate and respond to cyber incidents, and clearly see areas where you need to invest in infrastructure.
  • Cyberfort’s advanced reporting feature lets you generate reports compliant with NIST, ISO, PCI DSS and other cybersecurity frameworks.