Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting

Whether you want the flexibility of a public cloud platform or the security assurance of a dedicated private cloud infrastructure, The Cyberfort Group’s DEFEND Managed Cloud and Hosting services ensure that you are running at maximum efficiency, while remaining compliant and secure.

Cyberfort’s Managed Cloud and Hosting services include:

Public Cloud

Developing the skills and confidence to migrate your business data over to the cutting-edge infrastructure of the public cloud can be expensive and challenging, as is knowing where your cloud provider’s accountability for your data’s security ends and your responsibility begins.

Cyberfort’s expert cloud practitioners will help you succeed on the public cloud. We design resilient, secure, bespoke public cloud infrastructures that meet all your operational and compliance needs.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Draw upon Cyberfort’s decades of experience building, managing and securing technology platforms. Let our experienced architects smartly design your infrastructure, and leave all patching, firmware and repairs to us.

PCI-DSS and Compliance

All Cyberfort’s ADVISE, DETECT and DEFEND services work in harmony to provide end-to-end PCI DSS compliance.

We can help you to implement and operate PCI-DSS-compliant platform services, either to demonstrate compliance for a Cardholder Data Environment, or to leverage the power of the PCI-DSS standard to demonstrate to your stakeholders your commitment to security.

Backup and Recovery

Every organisation, large or small needs to back up their data regularly to avoid losses, stay compliant and preserve data integrity.

Our Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides a simple-to-use client interface, unlimited scalability and storage in our UK based Ultra Secure data centres, with 24/7/365 dedicated technical and support teams trained in backup and recovery.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) restores business critical applications and data rapidly in the event of a partial or full disaster. Hosted on our secure, high availability dedicated managed infrastructure, it provides the capability to back up to - and restore from - our cloud.

Your Cloud and Hosting Challenges:

  • You hold highly-regulated data or sensitive customer information and need to be sure it is completely secure and compliant

  • Lack of in-house IT resources.

  • Difficulty ensuring robust security when deploying complex and dynamic environments

  • You’re finding ensuring compliance with industry regulations time-consuming and challenging

  • You’re unsure where to utilise your skillsets across multiple technologies and platforms

 How Cyberfort Can Help You

  • Cybersecurity is all we do. We’ll align your architecture design, platform configuration and on-going management with best practices and industry standards

  • We make achieving compliance simple by ensuring your platform is designed to the industry standards you need to comply with

  • Cyberfort understands how to map all twelve PCI DSS controls to a viable service. We’ve developed schema covering where and how we harden environments, from firewalls and servers to networks. We can evidence the processes and measures to satisfy your Quality Security Assessor (QSA) and deliver Attestations of Compliance (AOCs) and Reports on Compliance (ROCs)

  • We continually monitor your services, collecting key information and metrics from infrastructure, networks and applications, and constantly validate availability and performance.

  • When unusual events occur (unexpected application behaviour, unanticipated demand, platform failures or security breaches for example) our 24/7/365 service desk will lead or co-ordinate with your in-house team to resolve issues.

  • We’ll make sure that your infrastructure remains healthy and secure, including patch management, capacity management and utilisation reporting.​​​​​​