Cyberfort Defend

You’re not in business to manage your IT infrastructure - you have your own strategic vision and business opportunities you’re passionate about and that you want to dedicate your resources to.


Cyberfort’s people are technology, security, compliance and risk experts with extensive technical knowledge and expertise. Our DEFEND services are designed to enable your business to grow and be more successful. We take away the pain - and the resource-drain - of ensuring your mission-critical data is always secure and available.


Our approach is personal. We partner with you, becoming a trusted extension of your team. We gain a thorough understanding of your business, your priorities and where you want to go, and we design bespoke solutions that get you there.


We also help you demonstrate to stakeholders that you take both the physical and cyber aspects of your data security seriously. This is particularly important if your business involves sensitive or regulated data. Demonstrating robust security processes can give you a powerful competitive advantage and significantly increase your attractiveness to investors and other important stakeholders.


Our DEFEND services include public cloud and bespoke technical solution architecture, managed public and private clouds, hosting, colocation services (including secure and managed suites) and a range of Security Operations Centre (SOC) services. Cyberfort’s SOC solutions monitor systems and device estates 24/7/365, with different tiers of management depending on your budget, in-house capabilities and devices.


Let us take care of your infrastructure and compliance needs so that you can dedicate your time and resources to growing your business.


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