Our data centres are the most physically-secure in the UK, housed in ex-MOD bunkers built to withstand a nuclear attack. Cyberfort owns and manages its two ultra-secure sites, both based outside London’s high-risk zone.

We invested millions of pounds in our infrastructure and can support the demanding requirements of today’s IT equipment, making Cyberfort an ideal choice for hosting your most mission-critical, sensitive and regulated data securely and compliantly. Our data centres are ISO 27001-accredited, fully PCI DSS compliant, IGSoC-certified and connected to all major public clouds and national and international telecoms providers.

Cyberfort’s Colocation Services include:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Secure Colocation

We provide quarter, half and full racks, as well as dedicated, secure rooms and floors. We can build in any additional security measures you need to demonstrate your commitment to maximum security to your stakeholders (your customers, partners, investors, insurers and regulators). For extremely sensitive data, Cyberfort can construct bespoke suites using materials that meet the highest recognised loss prevention standards.

Managed Colocation

Our managed colocation services include managed network infrastructure, firewalls, secure data backup, cloud storage and the connectivity you require. Cyberfort has comprehensive technical expertise in networks, Microsoft and Opensource technologies, and a service desk staffed 24/7/365 by our highly-skilled on-site team. With managed colocation, we work with you to identify your organisational skills gaps where Cyberfort can add real value and alleviate operational pressure.

Secure Colocation Suites

Our dedicated suites are self-contained, ultra-secure areas situated away from the shared data floor. They are ideal when you need to mitigate risk, control sensitive data, or simply require greater privacy. We offer a range of construction options ranging from standard mesh caging, through to sealed suites constructed with materials that meet LPS 1175 (a recognised Loss Prevention Standard) that can withstand prolonged attack using multiple attack methods. Cyberfort’s dedicated suites can incorporate multiple security zones, integrated and multi-factor access systems, CCTV and alarm systems.

Your Colocation Challenges

  • You lack the budget and in-house skills to build and maintain the leading-edge IT infrastructure you require
  • You're unsure how to deliver security, efficiency and stakeholder confidence in a public cloud environment
  • You work in a highly regulated industry but lack the in-house expertise to ensure and demonstrate compliance
  • Your existing IT is taking up too much space on your premises, but moving to larger offices would be too expensive and disruptive
  • Your organisation does not have the capability to put the disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place to deal with an emergency such as virus or malware attack, unplanned power outage or network failure
  • The nature of your business means you need to scale up or scale down quickly, but this is difficult and inefficient using our own infrastructure

How Cyberfort Can Help You

  • Cyberfort owns the most physically-secure data centres in the UK
  • Our data centres are designed with resilient power, using diverse mains feeds, N+1 on-site generation and UPS systems, along with resilient cooling
  • Cyberfort environments are fully configurable
  • We understand that our customers run critical systems from our sites. Our highly skilled IT staff are on-site 24/7/365 and offer a 'remote hands' service to diagnose and fix problems for you
  • Our dedicated and meshed network uses diverse routes to both interconnect our data centres with each other and multiple London-based POPs. We can cater for almost any connectivity requirement