What is Physical Security?

While many focus on the digital element of Cybersecurity to protect assets from incorporeal threats, they leave the vulnerabilities from Physical and Human exploits to go unidentified until exploited. Hackers take advantage of these vulnerabilities for the simple fact that things get over looked and it can be easier to hack a human over a system, but can also leave less of a forensic footprint.

Why is this important?

Deploying specialists to carry out physical simulations will help you identify any vulnerabilities in your physical security. You will then have the knowledge on how these gaps may be exploited by hostile parties internal or external for personal gain, criminal or malicious reasons. It is also a beneficial sales enabler to show your clients and suppliers that you take security seriously and are taking preventative measures to protect their valuable data. 

How we can help you?

At Cyberfort we work with you on a unique scoping project that meets your requirements before deploying trained specialists with a unique set of skills to perform the scoped scenarios. Any vulnerabilities identified during the process will then be presented with recommended measures that you can implement in order to reduce or limit exposure, improve response and reduce risk. 

Invited Assessment

An Audit style review of facilities or assets. We’ll look at your processes, policies, methodologies and counter measures in place. From this we can gauge the culture, base levels of training and awareness across a business. The key outcome from this service is to identify key vulnerabilities without testing and raise awareness. Contact us >

Full Health Check

A full Health check will require an in depth scoping workshop, as this is a bespoke engagement that is aligned to your market vertical, specific facilities and rules of engagement. We will use a mix of methodologies to attempt engineer a desired outcome via legitimate and illegitimate methods. This would be used to simulate both criminal and state actors methodologies. The outcome of this will be identification and testing of vulnerabilities with little or no prior knowledge, gaining an understanding of culture and base-levels of training. Contact us >

Lite Health Check

A great analogy for this service is a Pro’s version of playing knock down ginger, also known as Buzzing a target. We light test your perimeters and reception or public access areas. This is to gauge weakness against opportunistic criminal elements, over targeted attacks or state actors. We recommend the full health check first and then to have a lite test every 6 – 12 months.  Contact us >

Remote Exploration

This service focuses on the people within the organisation and the ability to gain information from an external attack vector. Using a number of methodologies we will perform social engineering tactics to build pictures of what information can be gathered or requests carried out. This would be used to simulate both criminal and state actors methodologies. Contact us >

What is Social Engineering?

With attacks like these happening every single day, it is important to understand what to look out for. It’s true. Social Engineering is one of the most prevalent forms of attacks, whether it’s entering a premise without authorisation, getting identification information, or impersonating security to steal information, there’s much more to it than you think.

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