Why businesses use our data centre?

Get the most out of your existing hardware and legacy applications, while also setting yourself up for a future in the cloud. With our ex-MOD facilities, you can deploy and manage your existing infrastructure in the UK's most secure data centres, while eliminating the hassle and cost of running your own.


Your unique benefits:
  • Maintain control of your IT in a secure environment
  • Optimise internal office space by removing a significant portion of IT hardware
  • Leverage our compliance, security and infrastructure to demonstrate a quality service to your customers, helping you win and retain business
  • Access to a resilient dual feed power supply and network architecture
  • Reduce your investment costs on generators, air conditioning units etc, and lower your running costs 
  • Delegate the management of your servers to Cyberfort so you can focus your resources on growing your business



of small firms

go out of business in 6 months of a cyberattack


of medium firms

have identified breaches or attacks


of large firms

have identified breaches or attacks

Why Cyberfort data centres:

1. Two incoming power feeds from separate parts of the national grid. One is a dedicated subterranean feed directly into The Bunker with no commercial or residential power drawn from it

2. 10Gbps fully meshed network made up of multiple diverse suppliers with intelligent re-routing capabilities

3. Best physical security in the country

4. 60% capacity currently with planning permission to convert the extension

5. 2N at Ash N+1 at Newbury


Get in touch for our latest offers:

We have a series of incentives running. To discuss the best offer for your business please either complete the form below or call the team on 01635 015600.