Technology Consultants

Technical Solutions Service

Whether updating legacy systems, migrating to the cloud, ensuring your network is secure or testing your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities, Cyberfort will design and build an ultra-secure solution tailored to your specific needs.

Cyberfort’s Technical Solutions services include:

Cloud Security and Migration

For any organisation using the cloud, you are responsible for ensuring the security of your own data. Whichever cloud platform you choose, Cyberfort will help you introduce - and maximise - security across your entire cloud platform.

Network Security

Your network is the backbone of your IT estate. As networks transition to the cloud, it’s never been more important to ensure robust network security. Cyberfort experts will advise you on the best technical and procedural controls to get your network security right, reducing the likelihood – and potential impact – of any cyberbreach.

Architectural Review and Guidance

Using industry-recognised frameworks - including SABSA and TOGAF - Cyberfort’s security architects will review, improve and if needed create an entirely new security documentation framework for your business. Cyberfort is always vendor-agnostic and will only recommend products that meet your specific needs and comply with your legal and regulatory obligations.

Security Testing

Cyber threats are continually evolving and growing. We work with you to identify your high-value assets and operationally-critical targets and develop testing methodologies to ensure your security controls are working effectively. These test results feed into Continuous Vulnerability Management (CVM) strategy that continuously tests for weaknesses and remediates issues before a breach can occur.

Your Technical Security Challenges

  • Understanding cloud service models, migration strategies and cloud security principles
  • Understanding industry best practice (e.g. NCSC Cloud Security Principles)
  • Lack of in-house technical expertise
  • Lack of knowledge of networks and how to keep them secure
  • Not knowing how to secure legacy systems and solutions
  • The challenge of articulating technical security risks at board-level

How Cyberfort Can Help

  • Tailored, scalable and experienced resources
  • Testing and improving your entire IT environment’s security
  • Understanding and advising you on the right path for your organisation’s security journeys
  • Delivery of certified, industry-recognised methodologies
  • Multi-layered approach to organisational security
  • Existing architecture review and, if necessary, design and implement an improved framework
  • Project management of all resources to orchestrate and integrate activity and deliverables
  • Excellent knowledge in technical security frameworks, including:

        o   Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials Plus

        o   CIS Top 20

        o   ISO 27000

        o   NCSC Guidance

        o   NIST CSF

        o   AWS Well-Architected Framework

        o   CSA CCM