Cyber Risk Management

Operational Threat Intelligence

Businesses today must contend with an unprecedented range and volume of cyber threats. State-sponsored digital espionage, cyber terrorism, hacktivists and other threat actors are constantly at work trying to infiltrate businesses with ever-more inventive and complex attacks.

Battling this toxic threat landscape, security monitoring alone is no longer sufficient to keep your data safe.

Cyberfort’s Operational Threat Management service combines highly-tuned threat intelligence delivery with human analysis to give you understandable and actionable intelligence to enable the most cost-effective and powerful protection of your IT infrastructure.

Cyberfort’s Operational Threat Intelligence services include:

Monitoring Threat Intelligence

Cyberfort’s Monitoring Threat Intelligence service delivers clear and actionable threat intelligence, enabling you to evaluate the risks that threaten your organisation, giving you a clear understanding of your current threat and security posture.


Incident Planning Management

In today’s interconnected digital world, it’s a question of when – not if – your organisation falls victim to a potentially devastating cyberattack. Our experienced consultants will give you visibility, mitigation and continuity strategies to turn a future breach into a disruption, not devastation.

Vulnerability Management

Cyberfort’s 24/7/365 Vulnerability Management service proactively monitors your entire network perimeter, detecting changes and vulnerabilities in external-facing infrastructure as they occur. We remove false positives, and alert you as soon as suspicious activity occurs, allowing you to take remedial action straight away.

Your Operational Threat Intelligence Challenges

  • Lack of in-house skills and capabilities to carry out effective risk management and compliance activity, including logging, 24/7/365 protective monitoring and incident analysis.
  • Despite well-designed rulesets, the sheer volume of data generated by your business is too great to manage. Events are missed, vulnerabilities not remediated and no real insight into your security posture are gained.
  • Despite reducing rule sets and muting smaller alerts, your teams still struggle to identify suspicious activity from ‘noise’.
  • You’ve tried to implement technical solutions without sufficient guidance, advice or due diligence to ensure return on investment, leaving the C-suite disillusioned by security endeavours.

How Cyberfort Can Help

  • Tailored security operations devised to implement findings of your personalised threat assessment
  • You gain relevant and actionable threat intelligence aligned to your organisation’s priorities
  • Automated vulnerability management
  • Personalised and effective incident alerting, triage and escalation
  • Targeted threat hunting
  • Robust incident response capability
  • Compliant security operations practices that are aligned to your legal, regulatory and compliance obligations