DPO Services

Data Protection and Privacy Services

Data is your business’s most valuable asset. How you manage your data will impact on your growth, competitiveness and prosperity. Whatever the size of your business, you need to identify and protect your most critical data assets with robust security.

Cyberfort’s Data Protection and Privacy services are designed to give your organisation a robust security posture that proportionately and appropriately protects your data from all threats.

Cyberfort’s Data Protection and Privacy services include:

Gap Analysis

Cyberfort’s Gap Analysis reviews your systems and controls against recognised industry standards to determine the strength of your information security framework and your level of compliance to the GDPR.

We’ll create a ‘Route Map’ to show you where your weaknesses are and provide you with expert guidance on how to address each vulnerability and risk.

Compliance Management

Organisations must protect their data when it is collected, processed, stored, maintained, transferred and disposed of, in whatever format, and across all processing environments, networks and devices. Cyberfort will advise on - and implement - each phase of the data lifecycle, ensuring you meet all your legal and regulatory obligations.


DPO as a Service

Cyberfort’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) service gives you access to highly skilled experts with extensive data protection and cyber security experience.

Your DPO will be allocated to you for a set number of days per month and will advise you on risk management, IT and legal & regulatory frameworks, ensuring you meet all your data protection obligations.

Your Data Protection and Privacy Challenges

  • Your organisation is overwhelmed by the volume of data it holds, making it difficult to identify which data to protect
  • You host your data on the cloud, but you’re unsure of where your cloud provider’s responsibility for your data security ends and yours begins
  • Trying to comply with complex regulations (e.g. GDPR) but are unsure of what is required of you
  • Your business’s information governance processes are ineffective or not implemented
  • You feel your data protection policies and procedures are inadequate and not supporting your business’s strategies and objectives

How Cyberfort Can Help You

  • Conducting data protection impact assessment and gap analyses to identify areas of weakness
  • Providing subject-matter-expertise to CISOs, DPOs and Information Security Management with support, guidance and a critical input into strategy, projects and issues/incidents
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) expertise from development through to assessment, re-alignment and auditing support
  • Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory obligations
  • Delivering clearly defined, actionable security roadmaps for multiple threat scenarios
  • Embed solid data protection processes into operational, business-as-usual functions
  • Achieve compliance and/or certification for internationally-recognised frameworks that will help you achieve business-growth, competitive advantage and reduce risk